How to pay 

Our secure payment is in compliance with all laws and regulations applicable in Pakistan. SinoPak has secure monitoring and verification system to avoid any kind of vulnerability. Sinopak has implemented 3d vigilance policy to avoid any illicit transaction. Three dimensional vigilance policies ensure the secure transactional activities occur over our portal. You can choose any one of the following method to pay. 


Summit Bank

Account Title:  Isarif Ecommerce Pvt Ltd

Account Number:  1-3-16-20311-714-107281

Address:   Saman Abad Branch, Lahore

Note:  Kindly email receit scan at [email protected]


Standard Charted Bank:                                         Recommended 

Account Title:   Abdur Rehman

Account Number:  0129-5773-601


Cash On Delivery:   


Bank Alhabib

Account Title:   Muhammad Usman Farooq

Account Number:  0091-0081-002586-01-0


Easy paisa

Name:    Abdur Rehman

Phone Number:  03007112617


Paypal  (Transaciton will occur in USD)

Account Title: Muhammad Usman Farooq

Account Email:   [email protected]  

Note: To use Paypal method, divide the amount by 96 to convert to dollars and then pay.